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18/08/2018 7:45 pm  

Original post by Nod Narb on October 9, 2017

We have a Discord Server for all of you with a PC, Smartphone, or Tablet. We use Discord to socialize, but also when doing group content where communication is key. Attached you can see a screenshot of our server and channels. HERE is a link to our Lobby channel that PG as we do have kids that use it from time to time; that's also why I created a General (18+) channel for those that wish to use language that is not appropriate for kids.

In the #afh-bots chat channel under the AFK Category, you can use the following commands for the FFLogs bot and the Entertainment bot:

FFLogs Bot FFXIV Commands:

*help FFXIV
• check for upcoming maintenance
*recipe Priestly Omelette
• gets information about a crafting recipe, including materials
*status ServerName
• gets the character creation status of a server
*iam Server Forename Surname
• save your ffxiv character
*whois @User
*whois Server Forename Surname
• get information from the lodestone about a user's ffxiv character
• remove your ffxiv character
*fflogs @User
*fflogs Server Forename Surname
• gets data about this user from fflogs
*achievements @User
*achievements Server Forename Surname
• gets a character's notable achievements
*updateffxivroles @User
• sets roles based on character & fflogs data

F.A.Q & Tutorials: http://www.seraymeric.com/
Ser Aymeric's Discord: http://discord.gg/38GdPqK

The Entertainment Commands:
For extended usage please use ->help <command>.

Audio Commands:

Action Commands:


Currency Commands:

Game Commands:
->osustats trivia

Image Commands:

Fun Commands:

Moderation Commands:

Info Commands:

Utility Commands:

Misc Commands:

To check command usage, type ->help <command> // -> Commands: 113

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10/09/2018 11:35 pm  

The structure of our Discord has changed quite a bit, however, the basic general community channels are the same. We are in the works to bringing a bunch of new robust features to our discord channel. Please stay tuned!

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24/01/2019 5:01 am  

I've redesigned our Discord Server quite a bit. There are a lot of new features and the BOTs we have are a lot more robust than they once were. I've added a NEWS section that update for the most common games our members play too! One thing that has changed is the main bot, BOSS BOT,. His call used to be the "*" symbol before a command, but now it's a "?" before a command. our games and entertainment bot still uses the "->" call before commands. Let me know what other features you may like to see on it.


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