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03/03/2019 6:48 pm  

Hey all I just wanted to start gathering info on what items people may want that are not soloable/easy to get. Like stuff from Omen, and what not.  This way I can work on getting time frames and scheduling events.  Since currently the only officially scheduled events are Friday Dynamis D.    Please just leave a reply or message me with the item/content and the times that are best for you to play.  Please note that best play times are going to vary per player so I will do my best to schedule as close to ideal for everyone as possible.  This may take some time to get going.  

my personal list:    Reisenjima  & Omen   Merlinic/AF+3  also Escha NMs for Apogee Gear!  

                         playtimes:  Friday 4:30pm MST - Sunday 10:30 pm MST,  Monday-Thursday 4:30pm MST - 10:30pm MST

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03/03/2019 7:50 pm  


Regal Necklace, Ilabrat Ring, Nisroch Jerkin, Iskur Gorget, Regal Ring.

Mythic Gun:

Have floor 100 done for Nyzle. Need everything else.




Needs WHM club from Yilan, rest of anything WHM to make him beast healer.




Monday-Thursday mornings from 8am-10/11am, Friday 11pm-LATE, Saturday ALL day but on and off depending on family, Sunday’s are big and miss. All times EST

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04/03/2019 2:15 am  

Omen/Reisenjima: Lugalbanda Earring and THF/SMN cards for AF+3 pieces, Eschan Beads for Aeonic dagger

Alluvion Skirmish Yorcia Weald for Helios Head/Feet and Keraunos

Sinister Reign: Enticers Pants, Samnuha Tights

Nirvana 🙁


Monday-Thursday mornings 6am-8/9am, Friday 11pm-LATE, Saturday all day sometimes but generally after about 8pm until LATE, Sunday's are flexible but generally after 8pm. All times EST


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