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AssassinsForHire Mission Statement:

   To continually work on progression in all forms allowing our members to maximize their characters in content wherever their journey takes them in gaming. This includes, but is not limited to Story/Campaign, Class/Job Progression, and raids or endgame activities across multiple games. Our intent is to help each other reach our individual goals, while concurrently building our community to be able to support and enhance the “quality of life” for our members while becoming a community recognized for integrity and camaraderie.

AssassinsForHire Social Goals:

   AssassinsForHire Gaming strives to be a member-filled community that seeks to enrich our members and visitors experiences. We aim to do this by providing fun content that is relevant and informative, while also engaging the community through our website and various other social media platforms.

AssassinsForHire Rules and Guidelines:

   Being a member or affiliate of AssassinsForHire Gaming, we encourage you to follow a set of Rules and Guidelines that serve to protect you and make your experience in gaming the best that it can be. While these Rules and Guidelines are written with the intent to maintain structure and balance in game play and social interaction; we would like to make you aware that these Rules and Guidelines may change due to adjustments in our favorite games and social and online environments. That being stated, any changes to the Rules and Guidelines will be noted on our website as well as communicated to all community members via in-game notifications (where available), email, and through our social media outlets. Please read the following sections to familiarize yourself with what we, AssassinsForHire Gaming, believe will provide a positive social gaming experience for its members, but also for what you can look to expect from us as a community.

Rights, Privileges, and Benefits:

   Every member or affiliate of AssassinsForHire Gaming is guaranteed certain rights, privileges and benefits immediately upon joining the community. Upon exiting the community, voluntarily or otherwise, these will cease. As an AssassinsForHire Gaming member or affiliate, you will have the following Rights, Privileges, and Benefits.

The right to have fun and enjoy your game play at your leisure. We will never force you to do anything!

The right to bring any concerns to Community Leadership.

The right to an opinion regarding the direction of AssassinsForHire Gaming.

The right to use our website and participate in our other social media platforms.

The right to discuss anything with utmost discretion without bias or judgement.

The right to accept or refuse help from other member and non-member characters.

Will have access to the AssassinsForHire Gaming Discord Server.

Will have exclusive access to community events as to be determined by Leadership.

Have the freedom to organize groups consisting of members and non-members for any activity.

To be a member of regardless of Age, Race, Religion, Sexual Orientation or Preference, or Political Affiliation.

That being stated, please keep potentially heated topics of conversation out of Free Company chat.

Based on attitude and being a positive part of AssassinsForHire Gaming, members will randomly be chosen for a special award.

Award may be in game currency, items, rank promotions as determined by community leadership.

You can find our Privacy Policy HERE.


   Having clearly defined expectations is crucial to the success of any community. Leadership will be expected to always convey these expectations, or changes of these expectations to all community members.

Leader Expectations:

Expected to treat all members and affiliates equally.

Expected to listen to all inquiries from AssassinsForHire Gaming members and affiliates.

Expected to inform community members and affiliates regarding information and events.

                     Member Expectations:

Expected to treat all players, community members and non-community members, with respect at all times.

We will not tolerate bullying or abuse of any kind.

If you’re having problems with someone, please report it to someone in a leadership role and it will be addressed.

Expected not to spam community/stream chat with general spam, negative, derogatory, and condescending speech or insults.

Expected to be respectful, honest, and courteous to all community and non-community members.

Rule Enforcement:

   Any and all rules established by AssassinsForHire Gaming, were created by its Leaders to create a system to help promote a comfortable social environment.

   All Leaders can be contacted either in-game messages, via the website on the forums, direct message, Discord, or email. You can contact the Leadership by emailing admin@afhgaming.com or admin@assassinsforhire.com.

Ways to Donate Funds to AssassinsForHire:

   Though it is NOT required, making a donation to AssassinsForHire is much appreciated. Donations will go towards the cost of managing the website, by paying for hosting, domain costs, server costs, sweepstakes prizes and shipping, etc. Below are the different ways to donate to AssassinsForHire.

PayPal at THIS link

StreamLabs at THIS link.

Patreon at THIS link.

At our STORE.


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